Monday, 7 September 2015

I remember...

I remember 
the day we decided to go far south
south of the mainland
an island

we found a piece of 
valley paradise
by a river
by mountains

our island legs were not too steady

do you remember one icy morning
when your boots leaked
with ice

and in the near distance
you saw
your first tiger snake?

that ice saved you from moving too fast

do you remember
when we decided to have some music in the gardens
we bought a large tent with a fancy fringe
hired a quintet
and sent out invitations
to everyone
any one
and hardly a soul replied

the night before
the day of island days
it rained
rain turned into 
a wild early morning thunderstorm
sleep eluded us

next morning
the sun glowed
the garden glowed
and colourful cars
a tribe of
colourful cars
carefully meandered up
our muddy driveway

our home was humble
with a home-made feel
but our views were grand

our lake
fringed with magical spruce
danced with Merlin
our platypus

Dry's Bluff
rang with sunset colour

our mini rainforest
spun Celtic questions

do you remember
why it was

we wandered



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Magpie Tales #284


Berowne said...

True, the prompt "rang with sunset colour." Well done.

Helen said...

This is an immensely satisfying write ...

Keith Hillman said...

The picture and your words in perfect harmony, a wonderfully descriptive piece.

Visit Keith's Ramblings!

Kutamun said...

Hazards of following the Piper

kaykuala said...

we found a piece of
valley paradise by a
river hugged by mountains

There is a lot of goodness that one may discover but often not taken care of. These opportunities just fizzle off. Wonderful take Gemma!


Sandra said...

nice events!

Michael said...

The simple...beautiful things. Why DO we wander away? Why?

Ankita said...

sometimes wandering away is real fun! nice :)

Amrit Sinha said...

You have described the happenings beautifully. Very vivid :-)

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