Wednesday, 19 July 2017

beyond a wooden window...

feature on the side of a beach box at Dromana beach

golden coins gushing from a golden express
painted ships on painted oceans
high rise wealth
sugared skies

the selfish wonder of a wooden window

blind eyes
blind blood 
on a sacrificial plate


engineer of motion
painter of dreams and holy grails
daring pilot of wings
seasonal skies

priceless window




a view for



I was inspired to connect with an event screened in Australia last night.
In particular, I was inspired by one competitor.

Source: 9Now Australian Ninja Warrior
- William Laister in the Australian Ninja Warrior semi-finals last night.
(His time was 4:02:41 beaten only by Queenslander Rob Patterson's 3:56:50)
William, aged 25, is a carpenter and personal trainer who lives in Melbourne, Victoria.
He has a background in gymnastics, ballet, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Crossfit,
lifting competitions, golf and rock climbing.
 But every day is a challenge -  and there is the real wonder of  William.
He has auto immune disease and Ankylosing Spondylitis.
For 2 years he was unable to walk properly.
Daily, he injects himself with preventative medication
and must move every day in any way he can.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

There is some amazing imagery in your poem, Gemma........I am wondering what the competitor did in his performance. He looks intriguing. Always nice to read you.......

Jilly said...

Splendid writing!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Wonders abound beyond all painted windows; for that is the landscape of the mind, the child of imagination, prodigy sans parent; thanks for the glimpse.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice description of William Laister and his need to move every day.

tonispencer said...

the selfish wonder of a wooden window

Grace said...

I love the themes of engineer in motion and rebirth.

He is truly inspiring. So nice to see you Gemma. Hope you are well. said...

Love the idea of "sugared skies".....such an interesting story you've related to here!
Glad to see you posting for this prompt.

Sumana Roy said...

So many wonderful images. An amazing window view.

UplayOnline said...

I am wondering what the competitor did in his performance.

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Kim M. Russell said...

I love those 'painted ships on painted oceans' and the way it links to the 'painter of dreams and holy grails', and particularly:
'the selfish wonder of a wooden window

blind eyes
blind blood
on a sacrificial plate'.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

Amazing story about the competitor, which shows most can live with chronic illness if they have the fight. The second to last stanza, for me, was amazing. Google won't let me comment with my wordpress blog so I'm using my defunct google blog.

Anonymous said...


~ Imelda

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